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Deciding that a Golden Retriever will share your life and be a part of your family is a serious commitment.  Your Golden Retriever will be a part of your lives for 10-15 years, so this is a long term decision.

Owning a dog is expensive – the initial purchase price is only a small part of the cost of owning a dog.  You need to provide shelter, food and veterinary care – for the whole of his lifetime.

Golden Retrievers do not make good outside dogs.  They were bred as companions and they need attention and companionship.  They must be an integral part of family activities.  If you are looking for a dog to live in the backyard – don’t get a Golden Retriever.

Goldens are not for the fastidious.  They shed hair all the time and have a major moult once a year.  Don’t even consider a Golden if you expect your home to be immaculate and hair free.  You must make the time for adequate grooming to keep his coat clean and healthy.

The Golden Retriever is a large and strong dog.  Males can be up to 61 cm at the shoulder.  He requires training and education about how to behave.  You must make the time to train him, educate him and exercise him.  Puppies especially need a lot of attention and education.  Adults need regular exercise – rain or shine!

Golden Retrievers love muddy puddles and will unerringly find one – no matter where.  They delight in being wet and dirty and sharing with their family.   

A Golden Retriever loves to retrieve – be prepared to be presented with all manner of things – socks, underwear, shoes and other household items.  It will pay to keep your house tidy.  And outside he will find all kinds of revolting things to bring you.

Golden Retrievers also love to garden.  They delight in landscaping and rearranging the planting beds just to their liking.

If you were looking for a guard dog forget it – although they are a large dog with an imposing bark – they are everybody’s friend – including your burglar!

So, if you still want all these things and a Golden Retriever, read on...

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