Golden Retriever Club

of Victoria


An Endurance Test demonstrates the dog’s ability to work after being subjected to a certain degree of physical

strain.  The test requires each handler to run or ride a bicycle a distance of 20 kilometres accompanied by his


Dogs between the ages of two and seven years of age are eligible to compete.  Dogs must be checked

by a veterinarian prior to the Endurance Test.  The veterinary check covers general fitness, temperament,

standing heart rate, the condition of pads and the muscle tone of the dog.


On the day of the trial, there is another vet check prior to the start.  This is followed by some simple obedience

exercises.  The course covers a combination of grass, dirt and a bitumen or concrete surface. 

  During the Endurance Test the dogs are vet checked at intervals and at the end of the course the dog

completes the basic obedience test again.  Successful completion of the test gives your dog his Endurance

Test title (ET)

Australian National Kennel Council Competition Rules

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